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Do you have trouble attracting good candidates to fill open positions on your team?

Does it take you (or your HR staff) countless hours to review resumes, conduct phone screenings and interviews?

Do you experience high turnover with recent hires?

Our 4 Hour Hiring System is designed to address all of these concerns and more. It is structured so that the person(s) involved with recruiting, reviewing resumes, conducting interviews and making offers can do so in 4 hours for each individual hire. It’s a proven recruiting and induction system based on the following principles:

  1. Attract a large pool of applicants and you’re more likely to get the right person.
  2. Implement multiple levels of screening and you’ll waste less time in lengthy interviews with under-qualified candidates.
  3. Observe a short list of applicants perform the essentials of the position in real time and you’re less likely to be surprised on their first day.
  4. Assess your short list of applicants to make sure that you’re making an appropriate match.

The 4 Hour Hiring System Includes:

  1. Generating leads for the position
  2. Develop job description and ad/posting
    b. Identify lead sources to be used
    c. Post job
  3. Phone screening of leads
  4. Set up a dedicated voice mail box for phone screening
    b. Develop and record voice mail script
    c. Listen to responses & qualify candidates
    d. Develop a short list of candidates
  5. Group Interview
  6. DISC profile each candidate (optional but recommended)
    b. Develop on-site screening format/agenda
    c. Arrange and conduct group interviews/screenings
    e. Internal debrief after on-site screening (review candidate’s performance)
    f. Develop final short list of candidates
  7. Final interview and hire
  8. Develop final interview questions
    b. Conduct individual interviews
    c. Rate candidates
    d. Check references
    e. Complete an HR assessment on top choice
    f. Make offer & complete hiring agreement

Some of the tasks will need to be completed by the Business but KCDC will provide all related material, instructions, strategies and teachings. Periodic meetings will be required to develop and approve items like the job description, job posting, status and review, interview agendas, etc. KCDC will be with you every step of the way, including participating in the group and individual interviews and the debriefing sessions.

This may be a new way of hiring for your company, but remember: if you don’t change the system or process of hiring that you’ve been using, then you’ll simply get more of what you’ve already got.

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