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Kory has been a lifesaver! I moved to Madison in June and have been building a massage and wellness business since September. I tried to go it alone with minimal results but the strategies I was using were mostly outdated and ineffective. Kory helped me to implement strategies that resulted in new clients right off the bat. I have been growing my client base steadily since I hired him. With Kory’s simple suggestions for improving my services, first-time clients have become repeat clients and eventually raving fans who refer their friends and loved ones.

I’ve always been good at what I do but the business building side has been an area of weakness. Kory helped me to see that much of it is fairly uncomplicated and has helped me to do a lot of it myself with confidence but without great expense or time commitment. By far, the greatest lesson I’ve learned since working with Kory is the importance of thinking BIG. He’s always pushing me to stretch my vision. He’s kind and understanding but always holds my feet to the fire.

Erin Norin

Owner, LMT/Coach, Barefoot Remedies Massage & Wellness

I offer my most sincere and full-throated endorsement of Mr. Kory Dogs, ActionCOACH, for his work with me as a partner in my endeavor to make my business activities more focused in pursuit of the success of FLYING COLORS GLASS, LLC.

Kory has mentored and encouraged me in the very specific disciplines I needed to identify and/or re-shape goal strategy formation.  He has provided specific insights into long- and short-term financial planning germane to my specific business.  Through his patient and persistent presence in personally meeting with me and learning about my business and my skill set, he has encouraged me to establish personal and professional goals that I have found of great utility as I work to make my business more successful in the niche marketplace in which I operate.

His most significant asset seems to be his determination to make my success as the premiere stained glass artisan in the world of aviation art the most important of his personal professional goals.  My success is his success, and for that commitment I am most grateful.

I heartily recommend Mr. Kory Dogs to any who seek to utilize his knowledge and expertise as a professional business coach and mentor.  Kory has become a friend and confidant during our time together – I cannot think of a better person to work with in the unique environment of business planning and discipline development.

Gary Elshoff

Owner/Artist, Flying Colors Glass, LLC

I met Kory Dogs two years ago when I went to my local chamber meeting. During that time my business was struggling in all areas. I was very stressed out and did not have a focus on which direction my company was going. I had been in business for six years but had no real focus. I hired Kory to help me pull my business out of a spiral of chaos and he immediately started helping me put together a strategy and a plan to turn things around.

He not only helped me turn things around, but gave me business tools that any business could use for the future. He also helped open my eyes to a world of possibilities for my business. In my first year working with Kory my business grew by 30% percent. He taught me how to set goals and how to turn them into reality and for that I will always be grateful. Kory gave me more than just good advice – he helped me develop a plan and vision for the future of my company. You could say he gave me the wings to push to the sky. Working with Kory was the best decision I could have ever made.

If you are thinking of going into business, or are already in business, do not wait any longer to use Kory’s services. It will be the best investment you will ever make for your company and the first step towards being a successful entrepreneur.

William Bunton

Owner, Creative Touch Landscape Services, LLC

Kory has been a tremendous resource for me and my businesses. He is a constant source of support, ideas and accountability. Kory repeatedly gives me needed perspective (seeing the forest through the trees) and often points out things that I may have otherwise overlooked. It is invaluable having an independent and non-biased advisor that focuses on me, my problems, my opportunities and my goals and I highly recommend Kory. My business wouldn’t be where it is today without Kory’s help.

Robert Tye

Owner, London Town Marketing

I began working with ActionCOACH to help me refine and implement our business plan. Cartridge World- Middleton was a start-up franchise. Two years later, we acquired another business and doubled in size.

Bill Fox

Owner, Cartridge World

Hiring ActionCOACH was one of the top five decisions I’ve ever made for my business. My coach forces me to do the things I know I need to do while helping me see things that I just can’t see on my own. I think more analytically about my business now, making decisions that are more thoughtful than simply what “feels right.” It has also helped me structure the business so that it runs without me – I’m not the “product” anymore, so if I want to take a day off, I can, and things back at the office are still running!

Patrick East

Hanapin Marketing

Working with ActionCOACH has been one of the most important and valuable business decisions I’ve made since starting my design firm 10 years ago. Our profits are up just under 10%, and that’s including expanding my team by 30%!

Tara Ingalls

Owner, Tingalls Dzyn

Thanks to the tools and resources from my coach, my business has been growing steadily.  I have begun working toward building a scalable business, I just hired full time manager, and we’re up 26% and still growing!

Rachel Rasmussen

Owner & Founder, Rescue Desk LLC

When I started with ActionCOACH, I was losing hope for the future of a world-renowned clinic that started in 1923. After just four months of coaching, we had a 5-figure reduction in A/R, and a big increase in our average sales per client.

Dianne Gordon

Practice Director, Gonstead Clinic of Chiropractic

I am experienced veterinarian who started my own practice several years ago. I have been working with ActionCOACH for 2 ½ years – they have given me great accountability, acted as sounding board, reassured me when appropriate and given me a swift kick when needed, also. I’m paying myself a salary, and business continues to grow at a manageable pace each month – up 15% to date.

Dr. Lisa DeMumbrum-Lee, D.V.M.

Paws N Claws Mobile Veterinary Service

As a CPA who has been through the ActionCOACH program myself, it is like getting an MBA through a fire-hose. They provide incredibly practical information, tools and systems every business needs to be more successful.

John Siebert

CPA, Siebert and Reynolds

Accountability was the chief factor that we were lacking prior to ActionCOACH. We didn’t know what we were doing week to week and had gotten to a point where we were barely treading water with the sharks circling. Now important things are not overlooked, and we constantly chip away at the critical, 10,000 foot view of the building the business. We actually have fun again – my team is (now) phenomenal, and our profits are up 28%!

Connie Nadler

Director, Learning Rx South Central Wisconsin

My experience overall with ActionCOACH has been extremely valuable. I believe the most important benefit to our business is how they force you to take a hard look at yourself as well as your business. Working with ActionCOACH has resulted in the following so far…

  • My revenue has increased 14% in 9 months.
  • My net profits have increased 75% (from 8% to 14% net income) over 9 months’ time.
  • My average sale has increased 20% through better communication with our customers.
  • My conversion rate from lead to customer has doubled.

My team productivity grew by 20%

Joe Piel

Joe’s Auto Service

I have been working with my ActionCOACH Business Coach for about 3 months. During that short time he has helped me increase my cash flow by over $42,000. He has shown me how to put documentation and systems in place so that now when we get something fixed, it stays fixed. We also trimmed over 25 hours a week from my time working IN the business. Now my goal is to find even better ways to use the 25 hours to work ON my business.

Cliff D.

Property Management Co.

ActionCOACH has truly helped Vinyl Kraft reach goals that we have been struggling with for years. The training and accountability system, along with the weekly coaching, has helped us increase plant productivity by 5% and decrease plant rework by nearly 40%, all within one year. We consider these to be tremendous results. Our workplace culture has become more positive, and the financial return for ActionCOACH’s services is close to 6-fold. I highly recommend ActionCOACH’s business coaching services for anyone who is serious about improving their business.

Tim R

Vinyl Kraft Windows

I started working with ActionCOACH exactly a year ago. I can honestly say it has been the most successful, driven, well directed year that I have had as a business owner. My revenue has more than doubled in the year. I now have a team of 5 (when I started it was only 3) and within 3 months this number will be 8. I have systemized many of the functions of my business, with a goal of the business running without me within the next 3 years. I am hugely motivated, as a direct result of the weekly reading, and activities that I do with my coach. I have also learned the skills and methods to motivate my team, which is having a massive effect on the bottom line of my business. I am so confident that I can achieve 3-4 years’ work in only 1 year with ActionCOACH, I recommend them to any business owner who is serious about growing their business into a saleable asset that runs without you.

Will D.

Eastside Home Loans

More than anything else, working with my ActionCOACH has created an opportunity to look at my business with a fresh pair of eyes from a different perspective, from Operations to Succession Planning. At the fiscal year end January 31, 2012 we experienced a 22% growth in Sales. As of July 31, 2012 we continue to show Sales Growth of approximately 30%.

Gary A Kleinhenz

President, Kleinhenz Jewelers

My ActionCOACH has been invaluable in my transition from physician to business owner. He has recognized what I lack in experience and expertise in the managerial and entrepreneurial side of practicing medicine and has given me the insight and tools to keep me focused and forward thinking. At times I get overwhelmed with the numerous tasks necessary to run a successful business, but being pushed beyond my comfort zone to face budgets and cash/flow items that I dread, I am growing not only as a business owner, but as a person outside of my career, as well.

Dr. Katrina McGillivray

Cypress Wellness Center

I now feel that I can run my business like it was meant to be run!

Dave Mantia

Corner Stone Granite

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