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Failure to plan is a plan to fail and for many business owners who are caught up in the day-to-day of their business, finding time to plan can seem impossible.

Very few small businesses have written business plans and for those that do – the plan is likely on a bookshelf or in a filing cabinet. Larger businesses tend to have plans but rarely do they work as effectively as they could as they tend to be overly complex. If you do have a business plan, when is the last time you looked at it?

The key to strategic planning is not the existence of a physical plan – it’s ensuring that everyone understands the strategies and is fully engaged in the activity of ongoing planning and implementation. Failure in business is not about bad luck, it’s often the result of having an inadequate plan (or no plan at all) and the lack of execution of that plan.

KCDC is great at asking you the challenging questions necessary to create a powerful strategic plan. “What will happen if you lose your largest customer?” is an uncomfortable question that needs an answer and a strategy to ensure that if and when it happens – your business continues to thrive. And if your business wouldn’t survive without your largest customer – you need to start developing a plan now! Planning is not just about thinking about what might go wrong, it’s also about what will happen when things go right. When will you need to hire new employees? When will you outgrow your current location? Do you need a new marketing initiative and if so, are you prepared to handle the growth that will come with it? Questions like these make for a better strategy, a better plan, and a stronger more sustainable business.

To ensure that planning doesn’t become overwhelming KCDC offers a few different strategic planning programs, including:


In reality, failure to plan is a plan to fail and for many business owners, who are caught up in the day to day of their business, finding time to plan for your business can seem impossible and finding the time to reflect on what’s working and what isn’t can be extremely difficult.

But what if you could step out of your business, one day every three months, and get laser-focused on what you need to do to grow your business? One day to plan for success is a small price to pay for what you can get…

GrowthCLUB is a 1 day quarterly workshop for business owners & teams where they create a tactical 90 day action plan specific to their business and get absolute focus on what they want to accomplish in the next quarter. It is a powerful day of learning, planning, networking, sharing and FUN! It also includes monthly calls to help you stay on course. In GrowthCLUB, you are trained on strategies that will help you master your time, be clear on your priorities and equip you with the mindset and tools you need to achieve your goals.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1 Day of Planning each Quarter to map out your next 90 days
  • Monthly workshops and focus sessions with all members of the Club
  • Learn from the strategies implemented in other businesses
  • Broaden your network by getting to know other business owners in your area
  • Registrants can bring up to 3 team members and breakfast and lunch are included.

Take a day to step back, assess the last 3 months, LEARN, get re-charged, and build your step-by-step action plan for the next quarter!


PlanningCLUB is designed to help guide you through the business planning process more simply, effectively and effortlessly than ever before! Where else can you arrive at a workshop in the morning and walk out with a complete business plan when you leave? This interactive two-day workshop will give you the perspective and tools you need to create a business with higher PROFITS, greater CASH FLOW and increased VALUE.

You will leave the workshop with more clarity, purpose and:

  1. A powerful business plan…
    2. Effective, customized strategies for business improvement…
    3. An online model of your business…

With your online business model…

  • You will be able to update your online business model yourself or have a team member do it on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis to reflect what’s happening in your business.
  • Your online system will automatically update your dashboard with your new projected position. This gives you enormous clarity and allows you to test your business assumptions and dynamically see your projected cash in bank, profitability, equity value and health of your business.
  • PLUS, it immediately updates your business plan… Everything is at your fingertips!

What you get…
1. Two days of coaching, business direction and planning
2. Access to your online system for 12 months
3. More than 980 business strategies
4. A powerful and dynamic business plan for your business
5. Annualized cash flow, profit & loss, balance sheet and
marginal cash flow projections for 5 years
6. Networking opportunities to meet dynamic business people
7. Cultural shift for both you and your business

70% of great execution is about making the right decisions and 30% is about managing the details to execute your decisions. With PlanningCLUB you will maximize your executive team’s knowledge and create your One-Page Strategic Plan. We will focus on the 4 decisions (People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash) that all growth companies must get right. We will develop solid annual and quarterly plans that include Company Priorities, Individual Priorities, Associated Metrics, and More. You will also develop a more detailed plan that includes the following 19 sections:

  1. The Business At a Glance
  2. USP, Mission, Success Factors, Capital Requirements
  3. History
  4. Products & Services
  5. Structure
  6. Success Factors
  7. SWOT
  8. Goals, Milestones, Strategies
  9. Marketing
  10. Sales
  11. Customer Management
  12. Pricing
  13. The Competitive Landscape
  14. Financial Plan
  15. 5 Year Income Statement
  16. 5 Year Annual Balance Sheet
  17. 5 Year Cash Flow
  18. Comprehensive Diagnostic
  19. Strategies For Improvement

With PlanningCLUB, you get the benefit of a business building workshop and ALSO a comprehensive business planning document that you can take to investors, banks, suppliers and use for keeping shareholders informed.


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