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Integrity begins by being truthful with yourself about yourself. It is taking an honest look at yourself before attempting to help others. A person of integrity has developed the ability and discipline to discern objective facts and not color the situation with subjective stories. They develop their perceptions and conclusions on a foundation of reality. They consider all the facts and accounts, not just the ones that are convenient and gentle. Open mindedness and curiosity are always present.

The root word for integrity is “integer”. An integer is a whole number. People of integrity are whole; they are single minded. Another word related to integrity is congruence. Congruence is when what is inside (thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs) matches what is outside (actions, decisions, and behavior).

If a person of integrity tells you something, you can count on it being accurate and true. If that person commits to something, you can be sure they will persevere until it is finished. If you speak to them in confidence, you know that information will remain with them. Integrity produces peace, stability, and contentment. People of integrity do what they say, deliver what they promise and when they fail, they make it right.

Think about people in your circle of friends and colleagues that you consider having high integrity. What type of emotions enter in when you think about that person?

If you desire integrity, begin by comparing your actions with your stated values. Ask a trusted friend if they observe any disparity between your words and your actions. The pursuit of integrity begins with that honest look at yourself. Once you get an honest assessment, commit to repairing the fractures and addressing the hypocrisy. Strive to be congruent!

Find a friend or mentor that will ask probing, revealing questions and truly listen. A good question followed by silence leads to discovering what is really true, and the truth will set you free… and help you sleep better at night!

What is a Business Coach …?

An ActionCOACH Business Coach works with business owners to get clarity on their goals and strives to work out meaningful milestones and clear business strategies to help them achieve what they want from their business. We focus on growing businesses through improvements in sales, marketing, team training, systems development and strategic planning and help owners go from an “owner wears all hats” approach to the development of a results-driven and profitable team, allowing business owners to focus on the areas of the business that they enjoy. We do this through:

  • AWARENESS – working in a business owner’s blind spots
  • EDUCATION – providing and teaching proven tools, methodologies & systems
  • IMPLEMENTATION – assisting with the implementation of strategies & systems  
  • DISCIPLINE – holding business owners accountable

Just like a sports coach, your ActionCOACH Business Coach will push you to perform at optimal levels. We are there to encourage you, to be a sounding board for you, and to help guide you and your business to the success you choose and deserve.

Who is ActionCOACH?

ActionCOACH is a team of committed, positive and successful people who are always striving to be balanced, integral and honest. We work within our “14 Points of Culture” to make sure that everyone who touches, or is touched by the ActionCOACH team, will benefit greatly and in some way move closer to becoming the person they want to be or achieve the goals they want to achieve.

ActionCOACH is the #1 coaching franchise in the world with over 1,000 offices in 64 countries and is ranked #35 in the top 100 global franchises. Today ActionCOACH coaches 15,000 businesses a week around the world.

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