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What Are The Two Most Important Questions Every Entrepreneur Needs To Ask (and Answer) Themselves?

  1. “How much is my business worth?”
  2. “How much can my business be worth tomorrow?”

75% of business owners do not know what their business is worth. Selling your business is the most important sale of your life. This one sale effects not only yourself and your family but also your partners, employees and their families. Knowing the real value of your business could mean the difference between a funded retirement plan or being unprepared for the road ahead.

With the assistance of KCDC, you can now determine the value of your business in less than 10 minutes and get a customized, dynamically driven Valuation Report, including multiple value scenarios and comparative market data.

Why is this information important? A Business Valuation can give you data for how your business is performing in areas that impact the key value drivers impacting the fair market value of your business.

Knowledge Means Smarter Decisions

When you know how much your business is worth you are better equipped to make informed decisions by weighing the risks and rewards. Such data and projections that come from a complete business valuation allows for business owners to be able to …

  • Sell your business for top market dollar
  • Receive additional lending or lines of credit from banks
  • Persuade partners to further invest in the business growth strategies
  • Set the business up for proper pass off to the next generation
  • Negotiating Buy/Sell agreements
  • Asset analysis for your Insurance policies

This 23-page PDF report is dynamically generated & customized to each business and includes:

  • Four different valuation estimates representing a range of scenarios
  • Financial summary & assessment relative to industry data
  • Comparative analysis of Income, Cash Flow, Assets, plus other metrics & critical success factors
  • Financial, business and growth characteristics to calculate your business’ value

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