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Our coaching programs and related services have helped thousands of business owners achieve significant results. We offer a variety of programs – and they all can work for any size and type of business. (Jump to Individual/One-on-One Coaching)


We offer several group programs designed to provide you with a practical and effective business education and teach you strategies that you can implement in your Business immediately. Our group programs are designed for those business owners and managers who don’t have the infrastructure or cash flow to take full advantage of more in-depth programs, or just need a quick injection of mentoring and enthusiasm each month. The sessions are interactive and activity based with the emphasis on learning by doing. The group mentoring programs available include:


ProfitCLUB is a Mastermind business education club that teaches key business principles and strategies in a small group setting (maximum of 12 businesses per ProfitCLUB) with an allotment for individual coaching during each session. Its also a place where business owners can leverage their peers and build strategic alliances through a convenient and comfortable forum. ProfitCLUB provides an intimate team environment known for trust, collaboration and accountability.

The education components focus on Advertising, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Team Management, and Cash Flow Management strategies. It is designed to give business owners a clear plan for their business, share ideas with other business owners, build better businesses, increase cash flow and increase profits. The format consists of two 1.5 hour meetings per month.

9 Reasons why you should join ProfitCLUB?

  1. It’s an innovative business owner development program combining the best of coaching, education and the advice of a ‘think tank” group of your peers.
  2. It’s an innovative business owner development program combining the best of coaching, education and the advice of a ‘think tank” group of your peers.
  3. You will receive powerful guidelines and practical advice for developing systems.
  4. Your peers become your “Board of Advisors” providing a sounding board and practical constructive inputs.
  5. It helps you to maximize your business potential.
  6. Knowing and managing “key performance indicators” so you can fine tune your performance.
  7. Repositioning values and beliefs to dramatically improve results.
  8. Deploying marketing strategies that will increase your profits.
  9. Leveraging systems and developing leaders who will make your business successful, even when you can’t be there.


ActionCLUB is a 14 week 7 session program that teaches ActionCOACH best business principles and strategies in a classroom setting. It is designed to help business owners establish a solid base, create a clear vision, build better businesses, and grow revenues & profits. Participating in ActionCLUB is a great way to learn how to build a business’ infrastructure, increase cash flow, and meet other business owners. Sessions last 2 hours and your registration includes all learning materials. ActionCLUB participants are expected to put their learning into practice in their business immediately and is a perfect way to learn about the coaching process before taking the step to individual coaching.


Our individual programs are designed for more established businesses and business owners who are committed to spending 3 to 10 hours each week to work “ON” their business. These programs are designed to pay for themselves within 17 weeks and increase the business’ revenues, profits and market value.

Empower Program

Our one to one Empower coaching program is designed for businesses that want to get to the next level by implementing financial controls, growth strategies and building a strong team. The foundation of the program includes four (4) one hour strategy implementation and goals setting sessions per month. These consultations will be to discuss and implement strategies, discuss your progress, set goals, give feedback on challenges or ideas and prioritize the actions you need to take, to be on the right path to achieving your goals. We will review what you should have got done during the week, make sure it got done, clarify the steps for the coming week, and make sure that some goals and outcomes are set for the next meeting. A minimum commitment is required to ensure that a solid business foundation is built and financial & growth strategies are implemented.

In addition to the four monthly consultations the program also includes:

  • Up to three (3) additional hours of phone consultation per month (frequency and duration will vary)
  • Up to four (4) hours per month critiquing and developing marketing, systems, logistics and/or team recruitment pieces.
  • Up to two (2) hours per month of responding to your e-mail questions and ideas by e-mail.
  • One (1) Business Alignment Consultation ($1,250 value)
  • Two (2) Customer Consultations per year
  • Two (2) Supplier Consultations per year
  • Admission to GrowthCLUB ($2,000 value)
  • Access to DISC Assessments and specific training programs at reduced cost.

Alignment Consultation

An Alignment Consultation starts with an in-depth look at your goals, both business and personal, the sales and marketing strategies you have used previously and what results were achieved. We work to identify many different areas of untapped potential and essentially develop a road map for the future of your Business. It will give you a complete list of strategies and ideas that you’re not currently using in your Business, as well as identifying those you are using that could be improved.

The process of going through this alignment process ensures you, your life and/or business partners and your entire team are clear on your goals and objectives, before we change anything. It is vitally important to clarify what each person is striving to achieve and this process is a vital first step in getting maximum value from your commitment to Individual Mentoring Programs.

A Business Alignment Consultation typically takes between 3 and 4 hours. It is recommended that all decision makers be involved in this process, including business and life partners.

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